Phone Counseling


Whispers of Serenity offers a unique service through which we can reach you if you cannot reach us. Our professional counselling and therapeutic services are only a click away. Face to face therapy is the appropriate for best results and to get the most out of a therapeutic relationship. However, in some cases this may not be possible in which situations a Phone Counselling session may be beneficial.
Who Can Benefit from this Service
  • People who cannot move due to various medical conditions.
  • People always traveling.
  • Pregnant ladies.
  • People who live outside Oman.
  • People who live far away from the Muscat region.

Our unique service is is provided be specialised staff:
Sayyida Basma Al Said Founder and Mental Health Counsellor/Psychotherapist who will conduct sessions in Arabic & English.
Ms. Roma Fernandes Clinical Psychologist and will be conducting the sessions in English.